Our Owner's Story

We began homeschooling in 1985 when homeschooling was uncommon and homeschool support groups didn’t exist. Though we lived in a large school district in upstate New York, we were the first family to homeschool there. Neither we nor the school principal knew much about it, but he helped us by reviewing our selection of curriculum and he even came to our home one day to observe Lori teaching. That sounds crazy today, but we were happy for the help and reassurance he gave.

That was our first year of kindergarten. For 30 consecutive years we evaluated what was best for each of our five children and each year committed to one more year of homeschooling. Two children homeschooled through 6th grade, one through 8th grade, and two through high school, both graduating with nearly 30 college credits. All received great scholarships and did very well in college, which we say not to brag on us or them but to brag on home schooling in the right circumstances.

My hat is off to my wife for 30 years of investing in our kids’ education and their character and spiritual development, and our hats are off to the thousands of homeschool moms and dads who are doing the same for their kids.

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