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Be competitive!


Bowl with friends or make some new ones! Have a good time bowling and maybe win a little cash while you are at it!



Teams consist of 2 bowlers (1 female and 1 male)

Ladies will lead off the 1st and 3rd games and the men will only throw at spares. Men will lead off the 2nd and 4th games and the ladies will only throw at spares.

CHIP NUMBERS: After each game a number between 90 & 210 is drawn. The couple whose score is closest to that number will win $20.00. If no one has that number, we will go up one, and then down one, until we have a winner. Any ties will be split.

$25 SHOTS: Tickets will be sold. If we draw your ticket number and you get a strike you win $25. If you miss we will keep drawing tickets until it is hit. All money will be given that night. There will also be optional Fishbowls each game.

RED PINS: There will be a red pin in each lane. If you get a strike on a red head pin you will receive a “Buy One—Get One Free” game pass

HIGH GAMES AND SERIES: At the end of the night, turn in your completed recap sheets as soon as you are done. We will pay High Series and High Games for the night (amount determined by number of entries). You may only win one - High Series takes precedence.

Call 765.529.8970 to reserve your spot.



550 S Memorial Dr
New Castle, IN 47362
(765) 529-8970